About Us

Welcome to Minifashion Blogger!

We aim to assist you in expanding your social media pages to help your business succeed with client interaction and of course those all important sale targets all whilst meeting and making strong relationships with other fantastic, business driven, successful women!

Imagine being able to grow your page to full potential without having to do all the hard work, remove all the stress that is navigating through social media by allowing us to do all the heavy lifting for you, basically we are the fairy god mother of social media!

Now we have your attention, We can hear you ask but how? Well put simply we do all the hard work to ensure your amazing products are showcased at our monthly markets this will increase sales and potentially sky rocket your amount of customers/followers, our services also include the development of your shopify/bigcartel website, supporting you to grow your business whilst coaching you to enable you the skills to successfully drive your own business further than you ever imagined.

We take pride in knowing we are the FIRST successful Australian Loop Giveaway business, our success becomes your success as we are able to use this platform to boost your business!

Thanks for stopping bye babes and we look forward to working with you xx